Interstellar Voyager – Metroid Title Theme

The Metroid series has long been one of my favorite series of video games, and when Metroid Dread was announced in June of 2021, I got excited. I wanted to create a cover version Hirokazu Tanaka’s theme song that evoked the idea of dread and fear – that unknown space that you find yourself in when playing a Metroid game.

I initially created this track on my iPad, but it soon became a bit unwieldy in GarageBand. I put it down for a while and when I eventually exported it out of GarageBand for iPad and brought it back to my Mac, I made some progress, but ultimately dropped it again to finish up the WaveRider EP.

It wasn’t until I actually played through Metroid Dread in December that I finally decided it was time to wrap it up and release it.